Formal retirement planning is so important! We’ve seen time and again in case after case, that quality of retirement is directly related to quality of planning. The more you investigate, the more you plan the more knowledgeable you’ll be and the greater the likelihood of getting the retirement you want. You want to retire to something not from something and planning provides the tools to make that reality.

Ship captains chart courses, doctors develop treatment plans. These highly productive people use planning for success, and you can and should.

A plan is a discovery tool and a guide. It helps to gather information, to organize, maximize, forecast and project. The plan uncovers and prepares for obstacles and pitfalls. Its primary purpose is to ensure that you maintain the same economic world as your working years and to provide strategy to achieve it. Furthermore, a well thought out plan also creates and provides for quality of life in retirement by exploring recreational, social, health, and charitable aspects, as well as bucket list dreams you have for your retirement.

The formal planning you do pre retirement sets the stage for the level of quality and satisfaction you experience as retirement advances through it’s stages of go go, slow go and no go years. You want retirement to be all that it can be and planning goes a long way to ensure that you experience the best.