The Power of Relationship

We believe that the quality of our relationship with you is most important. Our planning process initially involves in-depth discussion and fact-finding to get to know who you are financially and to share how we advise and manage finances. A major component of our initial work with you is to assist you in determining and understanding your financial identity. We have found that everyone is unique financially, just as we are in many respects in life and we all view finances through a different set of lenses. Working with you to clarify your unique financial identity and agreeing about it, provides great value as we work with you to put a formal plan together to achieve your retirement dreams and goals.

Once your initial plan is in-place we continue to develop our relationship as we experience life with you. In working closely with you financially as you navigate the go-go years, the slow-go years and, the no go years of retirement, we view you as a friend, not just a client, and share in the good and the not so good that life renders for all of us. We know that the greater a part of your life we are, the stronger our relationship is, and the more effective we can be for you financially.