Advanced Planning in Retirement

Greetings! I trust that this will find you well and enjoying life.

Experiencing meaning, purpose and happiness in retirement won’t happen unless you make it happen. Advanced planning on how you will spend your time and energy is as important as the financial planning you do as you approach the big day. The more
deliberate you are in examining the activities and let’s just call them passions you want to pursue, the better your life will be. I put together some basic questions on key pursuits in retirement that can be the foundation for your study in these particular pursuits in retirement. Of course you’ll want to dig deeper and expand your list of questions as applies to your circumstances and what you want to achieve.

These pursuits are certainly not an exhaustive list of pursuits just a sampling to get your creative juices flowing.

Retiree wants to travel more
• “Do you know where you wish to travel once you are retired?”
• “How much will your travel cost? How have you saved for this retirement goal?”
• “Will there be a central base for your travels?”
• “How often will you travel?”

Retiree wants to spend more time with the family
• “Will you move to be closer with family?”
• “Will someone move to be closer to you?”
• “Do you plan on helping family members financially, for instance helping to pay education for a child or grandchild?”

Retiree wants to start a new business
• “Is this business designed to be a main source of income, or a passion you will follow”
• “How have you saved for this retirement goal? How much will it cost to establish your new business venture?”
• “If this business is successful, will you be able to maintain acceptable retirement income?”

Retiree wants to focus more on hobbies, leisure, or passions
• “What types of hobbies do you plan focusing on?”
• “What kinds of costs are associated with these hobbies?”
• “What types of leisure activities will you engage in during your retirement?”
• “Do you plan on purchasing a recreation vehicle or boat to pursue your interests?”
• “Will you be spending time volunteering or performing charity work?”
• “Will you need extra sources of income for your volunteer or charity work?”

If you have questions or feel that we may be able to help with any part of your retirement plan don’t hesitate to call.

Best regards.

Jeff Christian CFP, CRPC

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