January 27, 2014

Greetings! I hope that this finds you well and enjoying life.

Since the beginning of the year there has been a lot in the media about a possible correction in the markets. Obviously that possibility always exist. However with the markets at an all time high at the beginning of the year, a selloff of the DOW at -4.21% and the S&P at -3.14 year to date; one has to wonder if the supporters of an overvalued market might not be right. Seems to me like we’re in that fragile time in the market cycle when the markets rise or fall on any bit of positive or negative news, but overall just looking for a descent reason to correct.

Does this type market worry you, keep you up at night? It shouldn’t if your have your money invested appropriately based on who you are. By who you are I am referring to your investor identity. Does your portfolio match your objective for income or growth, or perhaps a combination of the two? Is maintaining your principal important to you? The key to successful investing is to settle on what you want to accomplish and then design your portfolio to meet that need or objective. In this way you will be ready for whatever the markets do to you and for you.

Putting it another way the most important key to successful investing is that your portfolio match who you are, because it is a fundamental that we can actually control. If you would like to discuss this further or any financial issue or concern call me.

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