Look Mom No Hands!

Greetings! I hope this finds you well in every way.

The pandemic has certainly altered time as we knew it, because there simply are a lot less things to occupy, entertain and consume us. You could say it’s a reduction in distractions, and because of it we have the opportunity to use this special time to grow. To look at this time as a bit of a challenge to savor and to put it to something you always wanted in your life. And so when we are out of it, to be able to recognize that we’re better off.

I’ve been working on a number of videos for clients and friends involving client communication and education that can be beneficial for folks now and on an ongoing basis. And because of the isolation from not being able to see you as clients, I’ve recognized the need to communicate digitally and plan to provide more of this type information after we are done with this challenge.  Some of you know that I swim for exercise or at least did until the health club closed. Because of the lack of that resource, I’ve taken up biking, and I am experiencing new benefits and plan to continue it when the club reopens. Since almost from the beginning of rekindling my appreciation for early morning biking, I’ve longed to let go of the handle bars and ride free, like a kid. And believe it or not I did it last week and did it ever feel good, because it took me several weeks to develop the muscle control to do it.

I read these words by Vaile Wright, a clinical psychologist and director of clinical research and quality at the American Psychological Association. “Achieving a goal in an unsettling time like this can benefit one’s psychological well-being. Gaining a sense of mastery over something does have the ability to restore a sense of control, and that’s important right now. Because the challenge with all the uncertainty going on in in this pandemic, is that it reminds us of all the things that are outside of our control. A sense of mastery provides us with a distraction from the real world and distraction can be a good coping skill.”

Wonderful words of wisdom and much food for thought. I wish I could have said that! Amazing what a PhD will do for ya! Let me ask you what have you put your hand to in this time that will continue to provide for you on the other side of it? It’s real important. Take it from the head of American Psychological Association.

So, how is it going in your endeavor and quest to avoid the news? I wish I could say that I have experienced total freedom from it, but I can only report that I am getting better at staying away from it. I’m focusing on it though! I want to continue to encourage you in this quality of life issue, by being discriminating about what you allow to influence your thinking and emotions.

O yea I almost forgot, if you have concerns about any aspect of your finances or have questions or feel that we may be able to help you in any way please, please call. And I want to remind and ask you to pray for me in this time. I’m praying for you.

Look Mom no hands, and Happy Mother’s Day!!

Best regards,

Jeff Christian CFP, CRPC

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