March 16, 2015

Greetings! I trust that this finds you well and enjoying life.

The markets are unsettled and lack direction. Most of the gains achieved this year were given up last week. The Fed and monetary policy coupled with a strong dollar continue to cause investors to lack clear direction. The US is an economic power house for the world. During my life time, time and again we reemerge as the dominant economic power. Do you remember in the 80’s when it looked like Japan was taking over? Buying up real estate right and left in California, even Rockefeller Center! But it didn’t happen then as now the American way overcomes.

We really have so much economic promise if the government could just get it’s act together. Meaningful corporate tax reform would be a huge boom for our economy. We are now totally energy independent and have the ability to export our much sought after Texas Sweet crude oil. America is the greatest place in the world to live and who wouldn’t want their corporate headquarters to be housed here? But will congress get their act together to address tax reform and lift the ban on energy export make it happen, maybe so maybe not.

The reality is one way or another we can expect volatility and fluctuating markets. The only thing you can count on to manage the highs and lows and allow you to sleep at night, is a well thought out retirement plan that matches who you are. Everyone is unique. Proper diversification, structured income plans, acceptable risk and cash reserves are examples of fundamentals in retirement planning that differ from person to person. Do you feel good about your retirement plan knowing that it will carry you through? If you have any uncertainty we want to help. I provide these economic updates each week and the monthly economic overviews because I believe that knowledge is power. I want you to feel confident about the future. If you have anything at all that you would like information about regarding your retirement, don’t hesitate to call.

Best regards,

Jeff Christian CFP, CRPC

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