November 4, 2013

Greetings! I trust that this finds you well and enjoying life.

I have been thinking a lot about our children lately. The world they will experience in retirement will likely be quite different from ours. No doubt they won’t experience the same benefit level from Social Security and Medicare as we boomers will. There is a definite trend going on with employers of moving away from taking care of us in retirement, to us taking care of ourselves. That trend will become more and more prevalent over time and have a big impact on our children. The global economy and uncertainty in our government are huge forces, which will only affect their lives in a greater and greater way.

What I’m getting at is that our children even more than we boomers, need very much to be proactive about their finances and about planning for their future in retirement. They need a plan and they need a plan early, which maps out goal and objectives and utilizes opportunities to secure their future. To that end I have put together a structured process for young people to use to make sure they are on the right track, based on the world they will experience in retirement. I call it Rest In Retirement and its’ intention is to do just as the name describes.

If you have children or grandchildren that you want to make sure are on the right track for a secure future, let us know. It may be possible that you missed some nuance of finance as you trained them in finance, which can have a big impact on their lives and the lives of their families.

If you have questions about your planning or feel that we can help in any way, don’t hesitate to call.

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