Still The Greatest Place in The World

Greetings! I trust that this will find you well in every way.

I don’t know how you see it but to me, we’ve been through one of the most uncertain ninety-day periods in the history of America. Health upheaval, financial upheaval, social upheaval, recreational upheaval, employment upheaval, government upheaval, foreign influence upheaval, media upheaval, race upheaval, and not necessarily in that order. You can I’m sure add your list to my list based on the way you are experiencing COVID19. To me, it seems upheaval is the best word to describe the effect of the uncertainty. And there’s more to come, as we’re still in the cause stage and effect is yet to come.

Here’s the good, In spite of all the upheaval, America once again stands tall and manifest its leadership position as the leader of the free world and the greatest place to live and be.  Three things are causing me to have faith in who we are as Americans. The first is the way our leaders are calling China to task and the World Health Organization on what they didn’t do to contain the spread of the virus and try to protect mankind. Once again, America is leading the way with what will lead to reform and a better way for all. And it’s not the easy way.

Secondly, my faith and gratitude for who I am as an America is strengthened because of the launch of the manned SpaceX rocket and trip to the space station. This is thrilling! Oh yes, man has been into space many times and accomplished much for sure. But this is the first time that it’s been done commercially and that is a big thing. Big because moving beyond the government as the source and force to private enterprise and capitalism has so much more opportunity. And in time because of the transition of power from government to capitalism, all mankind will benefit. And once again, America leads the way in the endeavor.

The final reason for my appreciation for who we are as Americans are the manner in which we came together to contain COVID19. Oh, there were fits and starts, but the spirit of it, our spirit was behind us pulling together and doing what we needed to do to get beyond the threat of the disease overwhelming us as a country. It was the spirit of the thing.

Right now, as I write many are struggling with the impact of a disease that still plagues us because we just yet haven’t found a cure or way to contain it. But we will. And right now, violence racks our cities because of protest turned to looting and violence over the senseless death of a man. Sadly, unjust deaths happen all the time from a rogue cop to a drug dealer to a raging spouse; always has always will and we can’t or won’t give up battling injustice. Even though upheaval surrounds us and we are in a season of challenge and demand, we have much to look forward to and be grateful for because of who we are as Americans and all that is involved in being from “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

Not much talk about retirement or finances this week but we are still a retirement planning firm and we are here for you to support you in any way that you require professionally or personally. So, call us if you feel we can be of service.

Best regards,

Jeff Christian CFP, CRPC

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