Where Are You In All This??

Some time ago I began to ponder and suspect that sooner or later in life, at one time or another we all experience some form of natural disaster. It may not be experienced directly by us, it may be indirectly as through someone close to us, important to us and that we love. But for the most part few of us get out of here alive without being impacted and distressed by a natural challenge. When I was in college, I worked offshore on a drilling rig and was stuck in the gulf for hurricane Juan. I still vividly recall the concern (fear) I felt when the rig bounced off the bottom a couple of times because the waves were so high at the peak of the storm. I put on a life jacket, tied another to me and went out on deck, fearing the legs on the rig might give way and not wanting to be trapped inside when it went down. That to this day is my biggie. And of course, we all went through hurricane Katrina. For me it was among other things thirty big pines down in the yard with two on the house, business disrupted and life altered and yet I was so much more fortunate than many of you. None the less the natural challenge came and, in some form, they come for us all.

And then there are things like pandemics and riots prompting abject civil unrest that absolutely roil us. Our parents experienced the challenge of the civil riots in the 60’s; we don’t remember them much though or their challenges in that. In history, there are so many mind-boggling, nerve-racking challenges that just happen. What must it have been like to live during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918? Was the world coming to an end most must have thought! Or what about World War I or World War II? For many years in my conference room closet, I’ve kept the frontpage headlines of the Wall Street Journal for the bad boy days and have accumulated a sizeable stack. I do this to remind me and to point out to clients the ebb and flow of things and to keep fresh that stuff happens and yet time marches on. Ce la ’vie?

In times like these, I’ve come to experience a new appreciation for the power of the acronym AAA. Yep AAA… stay with me now. No, not the American Automobile Association that we grew up believing would rescue us from perils when driving. My appreciation for AAA is rescue in times when we experience natural disaster, pandemic, civil unrest or just plain old curveballs. These powerful first letters of the alphabet stand for to me Accept, Adjust and Adapt. Practicing the principles of acceptance, adjusting and adapting is insurance for living even more surely than membership in the association for protection for life on the open road. We can always count on the power behind these responses to life to see us through.

Oh yea, lest I forget what this blog is about, retirement finances! It’s highly beneficial for you to have a well thought out, formal financial plan that matches who you are, to see you through the perils and pitfalls of retirement and the stuff that works hard to tarnish the golden years. It’s insurance for living and can be a game-changer. We can help you to have peace of mind about that. Call us and we’ll see to it. We’re all in this together and there are always better days ahead. We’ll get through it, we always do.

Best regards,

Jeff Christian CFP, CRPC


He who rules his spirit is stronger than he who conquers a city.

Proverbs 14:19

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