Ep 22: Financial Feelings

When you make a financial decision, does it start with looking at the numbers or asking the question, “How do I feel about this?” When should your feelings overrule the numbers, and when should the numbers overrule your feelings? Furthermore, what areas of your retirement plan are most likely swayed by feelings and emotions?

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Ep 21: Universal Retirement Truths

There are certain retirement planning principles that apply to everyone regardless of who you are, how much money you have, when you’re retiring, or where you live. Let’s examine these universal truths together to determine how you can maximize the principles to complement your unique retirement plans.

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Ep 17: Long Term Care

Long term care can be one of the biggest expenses in retirement, but many of us fail to plan for it. A lot of people are uncomfortable with thinking about mortality and avoid the planning altogether, while others don’t know where to start. On today’s show, we talk about the different ways you can plan for long term care and why you should get a plan for this financial aspect of retirement as soon as you can.

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Ep 16: Life Insurance

Life insurance is a financial tool that many people have strong opinions about one way or the other. It’s common to see some people praising this life insurance, while others claim it’s not so important. But what’s the truth about life insurance? Today, we discuss what life insurance is, the different policies, and who may be able to benefit from it.

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Ep 15: Risk Tolerance

One of the most important factors in a financial plan is the amount of risk you have in your portfolio. You never want to lose sight of how much risk you are comfortable with because this can cause fear, worry, and irrational decisions. Risk varies from person to person, so it’s vital to get your risk tolerance customized to your comfort levels and not in a one-size-fits-all plan. Jeff talks about the considerations he goes through when determining someone’s risk and how a bucket strategy can be quite effective with risk concerns.

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