Ep 16: Life Insurance

Life insurance is a financial tool that many people have strong opinions about one way or the other. It’s common to see some people praising this life insurance, while others claim it’s not so important. But what’s the truth about life insurance? Today, we discuss what life insurance is, the different policies, and who may be able to benefit from it.

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Ep 6: Legacy & Estate Planning

When we talk about comprehensive financial planning for retirement, many people tend to focus on the investments and retirement income they want to achieve. But legacy and estate planning is important and easy to overlook when putting your plan together. Jeff discusses the elements that make up this type of planning and why you should continually make sure it is up to date and relevant to your current situation.

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Ep 3: Investment Planning

A crucial element of a retirement plan is figuring out which investments you need to be in. It’s important you are in objective appropriate and risk-appropriate investment vehicles that match who you are in life. Jeff talks to us today about the bucket management strategy his practice uses and helping people to find and utilize their unique identity within their investments.

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