Armor Financial Is…

a retirement planning firm serving the North Shore and the New Orleans metropolitan area. We are an independent planning firm with thirty-six years of experience in guiding and assisting conscientious people to plan for and enjoy retirement. Our planning and advisory processes are comprehensive and educational by design. We maintain a fiduciary standard which means that we place the best interest of our clients first. Our ultimate objective is peace of mind and quality of life in retirement for the people we serve.

We believe for a secure, worry-free retirement you should plan, protect and provide.


Formal retirement planning is so important! We’ve seen time and again in case after case, that quality of retirement is directly related to quality of planning. The more you investigate, the more you plan the more knowledgeable you’ll be and the greater the likelihood of getting the retirement you want. You want to retire to something not from something and planning provides the tools to make that reality.


Protection from our firm’s perspective is about preparing for and taking on wealth eroding factors, forces and events that compromise your retirement vision. It involves uncovering and eliminating dream killers and perils, pitfalls and money falling through the cracks; that can cost you money, time and quality of life in retirement


Initially, our way of providing is through education and understanding about what it takes to experience quality retirement. We believe that knowledge is power and the key to success. Your understanding and believing in what we recommend and why, is key to peace of mind and the substance of maintaining a long term relationship. Peace of mind is really what you hire us for, and we start and end every day with that awareness and purpose.

The Power Of A Written Plan

Business owners and CEO’s have written business plans. Ship captains chart their courses on nautical maps and doctors have written treatment plans for their patients. What these and most successful people all have in common is that they have written plans of action that provide them with goals and direction for a clearly defined outcome…

The Power Of Independent Advice

Objectivity isn’t something that most of us consider or wonder about when it comes to financial advisors. It just stands to reason that anyone in the business of helping people secure their future and achieve their goals, would always place the best interest of the client first right? In reality…

The Power Of Relationship

We believe that the quality of our relationship with you is most important. Our planning process initially involves in-depth discussion and fact-finding to get to know who you are financially and to share how we advise and manage finances. A major component of our initial work with you is to assist you in determining and understanding your financial identity. We have found…

The Power Of a 3 Step Review

We encourage a three step review whenever you have a financial decision to make. The components of a three step review are; how will this decision affect my taxes, how will this decision affect my cash flow and how will this decision affect my exposure to risk. We Recommend…

Weekly Market Insight & Retirement Knowledge

The best way for you to grow financially is to continually increase your knowledge of it. We believe that knowledge is power, therefore we provide you with an economic recap of the week as well as our blog on a relevant retirement topic or issue.

We encourage you to take advantage of our retirement educational resources.

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