Let’s Give Thanks

Greetings! I trust that this finds you well and enjoying life. 


Last week I wrote about yearend tax planning and yes we still have some work to do on that topic. I started to write on it because there is a lot to share. Then it occurred to me that it’s Thanksgiving and how utterly ridiculous it would be to talk about taxes, when we can talk about giving thanks! 


Big question is how best can we do it, give thanks that is? How can we maximize the reality of all that we have and are as Americans? For the pilgrims at a community meal of their bountiful harvest with Native Americans it was about freedom, religious freedom. I think it’s particularly important for us to weigh and value our freedom this year, because of what happened in Paris and is on the increase in much of the world. It’s through appreciation of and valuing our liberty and our freedom, that they will be overcome. 


So how do you give thanks? Time with family and friends, a special meal. I want to encourage you to also spend a little quiet time and make a list of all you have to be thankful for in your unique world. Fill a page or two. You can. Next, choose a person or persons in your life and thank them personally for who and what they are for you. You’ll get a lot more out of this wonderful holiday that really defines who we are as Americans, if you’ll pursue it.   


I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to share with you in this rich heritage of freedom that defines who we are. I hope that it will be an especially meaningful holiday season for you. 


Best regards. 


Jeff Christian CFP, CRPC 

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